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scoobies last name
scoobie doobie doo
by tec May 10, 2003
A word yelled to get somebodys attention, usually a girl walkin down the street.
(sees a chick walkin down tha street)
(walks up to her and starps rappin to herin an atempt to get laid)
by tec September 08, 2003
Penis sucker
stop sucking my penis grambo
by tec October 15, 2003
for sure/absolutly/yes
"yo iz we gonna hit up the club tonight?"
"fo shizzle my nizzo"
by tec September 08, 2003
it is a universal word invented by taylor and benny and used by almost every1. if u wanna steal tha word go head bcuz u wont sey it in tha rite dialect as we use it and if u do fck it

benny: aiyo u wanna chyll later 2day
taylor: cha bra count chocula
benny: cha
taylor: cha
benny: cha bra
by tec May 04, 2005
a car that is very clean. see bling bling
Man. that car is minted. yea man, think its a honda!
by tec May 10, 2003

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