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polish boy in Thomas Mann's "Death in Venice." also a charcater in the rufus wainwright song "grey gardens"
Tadzio Where've Ya Been
by Taylor August 23, 2004
An asian person who acts white, likes to listen to rock and sucks at math.
Kevin is such a twinkie, He sucks at math and listens to Slayer.
by taylor March 31, 2005
Someone who is in a perpetual state of drunkenness


someone that drinks profusely
Michele is a total waste case.
by Taylor April 10, 2005
a public, online journal.
i write in my lj everyday.

she has some interesting pictures on her lj.
by taylor March 20, 2003
Once in a millenium a woman is born who is both beautiful and fun to tickle under a shady tree. The person I am talking about is of course the most eligible bachelorette in the Northern Hemisphere. A woman of both grace and Christian morals, she is held in the highest regard worldwide. She certainly is the human race's finest being.
When Debs walked onto the baseball field in her skimpy outfit, I creamed my pants.
by Taylor July 06, 2003
A burbenog was originally a map in Warcraft. However, after beating the map several times, it was determined the amount of time it takes is near 1.5 hours.

So it now has two definitions

Burbenog (N) - A modded Warcraft III maul.

Burbenog (N) - A specified amount of time, usually 1.5 hours.
"Damn dude, that was a great burbenog game"

"Damn dude, you had sex for a whole burbenog?"
by Taylor November 17, 2004
Originated from the late 80's hit movie, "Space Balls" The Young King's daugther from Druidia is the druish princess and eventualyl ends up marrying lonestar and her friend mary's his best friend barthalamuel (the mog, half man half dog)
Brittany, the druish princess, every so happily married her hero Lonestar.
by Taylor June 12, 2006
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