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139 definitions by taylor

lisp form of sex.
i want your thecth.
by taylor February 20, 2003
27 7
The GREATEST and HOTTEST Scream Queen of all!!!! ALL HAIL!!!!
I had a boring night, and then Neve Campbell walked into the room. BOY! That brightened my day!
by Taylor March 16, 2005
38 20
The sometimes hairy bit inbetween your balls and arsehole
The guche trimming faries came and trimmed my guche hair overnight
by Taylor January 21, 2005
41 23
most beautiful man in the world his voice as hot as him!!!
the deepest desires come from ur obsession...HIM
by Taylor June 01, 2004
49 33
when preppy retard jocks rule a school/a college/the world, and make the rest of us miserable and endlessly annoyed.
"Down With Jockocracy!"
by taylor May 30, 2004
28 12
he is the hottest guy ever!he is the lead singer of the best band in the world. his eyes are the most sexy green eyes i have ever seen and his lips are also the hottest lips i have evr seen too. oh, and did i mention he is the hottest guy on ever!
ville valo is a sexy beast.
by Taylor January 28, 2005
26 11
A word to use to insult people who swollow cum,cum guzzlers always travle in packs.People that suck like monkeys that swollow cum and live in gutters.
Your parents are cum guzzling gutter monkeies.
by Taylor January 08, 2005
23 8