139 definitions by taylor

basically when sppoge on an irish chick.
tonight im gonna be flogging molly.
by taylor April 18, 2005
Cleaning your junk off after some good anal
I was hammering away on my girlfriends ass, and then she did a little ass to mouth action, I think I'll put a ring on that finger
by Taylor February 28, 2005
Meaning the breasts upon a woman's chest.
Man, that girl has some huge bitties.
by Taylor February 21, 2005
The sound that is played on a Macintosh computer when it is turned on. The sound file is programed into the computer, it is not part of the software, which means that regarless of which OS you are running, the sound will stay there. If you do not like the sound, one may mute their speakers before they shut down their computer and the sound will not play the next time your Mac is turned on.
I hate the Apple bong...so I just mute my speakers.
by Taylor March 30, 2005
The art of chase white sticking his ball sack into someones mouth while they are sleeping.
Dude I T bagged that Arab last nite it was fuckin sweet.
by Taylor April 06, 2005
short for beruit, a game similar to beer pong.
by Taylor March 24, 2003

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