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A lollipoop is the asshole of a male or female

typically used in a sexual manner
taylor: dude i heard u gave christine a rim job?

john: oh yeah! i licked her lollipoop!
by Taylor November 26, 2006
a public, online journal.
i write in my lj everyday.

she has some interesting pictures on her lj.
by taylor March 20, 2003
Like a step child of language, a very underused contraction of will and not becoming simply willn't.
I'm so sad Tiffany willn't get naked.
I willn't stop trying.
by Taylor March 04, 2005
a boy who is oh so cute but knows hes cute and thinks hes black...but you gotta love him...
ehh negative that boy is so jarius
by Taylor January 06, 2005
Slang term for vagina.
I want you to put my weenis in your pachina.

I need to inspect your pachina.
by taylor February 20, 2003
(v) doing somthing half assed
yesterday i was so hung over i was half-steppin'.
by taylor March 15, 2005
The GREATEST and HOTTEST Scream Queen of all!!!! ALL HAIL!!!!
I had a boring night, and then Neve Campbell walked into the room. BOY! That brightened my day!
by Taylor March 16, 2005

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