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A douchbag who sits around on his computer all day and skeets in his own mouth...
bmxgamer- moderator of newgrounds and Last.fm
by I ♥ Üñ¡çødè!?!?¡! January 08, 2009
a computer geek known by the name of 'lard' whose bmx part of his online name is close to non-existent...he is a workaholic and when not workin likes to think he is pro at newgrounds but all he does is 'blam' and lick the a-hole of legendary frog. will most likely add his own definition sayin he is super-mega-ultra cool in the near future.
jamie: hey stal coming for a ride 2nite?
1.stal: nah cant i got work
2.stal: nah cant im 'doin college work(*cough* blammin)
3.stal appears to be away and may not respond
by taylor March 11, 2004