29 definitions by tHom

A dirty turk
Alpay Ozalan
by Thom October 13, 2003
used during silent football
*whathefuck* (it is mouthed silently)
by tHom December 21, 2003
short for aston. usually use in messenger or sms to save up time and characters.
thom:yo ast sup lately
ast:fuck you
by thom January 03, 2004
ballerz is a definition of the people who play sport involving a ball. It can either be basketball,volleyball even snooker.
In yahoo pool, you often find people saying:

yo,sup everyone, any ballerz around?

meaning: hey,how is everyone,is there anyone who play snooker?
by thom January 03, 2004
To have you area's exposed to the world
by Thom October 13, 2003
Plain and Simple: God
I have gone to the better place and exchanged words with Napoleon Dynamite. He told me D-Qwon's Dance Grooves will become the best selling DVD of all time and that Ligers will frollic in the meadows of Nebraska.
by Thom September 03, 2004
Gangster fo piss
Dawg i need a pizzazz
by Thom February 24, 2004
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