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A British leisure game similar to billiards (invented before billiards) where you try to hit each colored ball into one of the six pockets.
Snooker is a pretty fun game to play.
by JOHNSON October 17, 2003
1. n. billiard game played on a large table.
2. v. act of playing a safety shot in this billiard game.

The verb form snookered is not to be confused with the noun form snooker. Also these terms are not to be confused with the UK common slang word snooks, which refers to a stupid person.
T: You wanna play some snooker (1)?
J: sure!
T: I'm gonna snooker (2) you.
J: no way, you snooks
by who'sfat? April 15, 2006
The single god-word to say when your unsuspecting, casual pool-playing friends ask if you know how to play their game.
(when playing 8-ball)
Bob & Friends: Hey Joe, do you know how to use that cue?
Joe: I play snooker.
Bob & Friends: Holy shittt! Everybody, pull back your wagers, quick time!
by Bob & Friends August 09, 2008
It is a sport requiring the highest level of, practice, accuracy, patience, determination and positivity that can be imagined. I could say I dislike the physical play of the game too, but I don't watch it for that. I watch it to witness things other people only wish they could pull off doing anything else in the world. Facing odds only masters of their own fates can prevail against. Saying it is lame is just an empty opinion. (:
This younger snooker player is of a rare kind. Over many many years, you will always come across this type at least once, where he brings his ''Practice Table Game'' to the championship games, some say, the most dangerous player is the player, playing just for fun. Winners of any world championship are living proof that they are masters of their own fates.
by Alex - England May 01, 2011
to cheat somebody, to trick him or her
"You snookered him! Bravo!"
by WernerLL October 29, 2008
7g of Cocaine, or two 8-Balls
Let's get crazy and buy a snooker for the weekend!
by Lubki June 05, 2015
Someone that is very cute and funny.
Wow!! He's really a snooker.
by that one girl chey September 26, 2013
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