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Derives from a young fellow in the heart of Liverpool who "skavs" money from others to pay there own way relying on their looks and "gift of the gab" to "blag" their way through life.
That lad is coxy and he knows it
by FreakiZee December 21, 2004
a girl who enjoys the act of encountering a random stranger inside a club and fucking him up against a stage.
the victim usually remains anonymous, causing many hours of deliberating over who he may be afterwards.
Me: Coxy what did you do last night?
Coxy: More like who did I do last night...
Me: Why, who did you do last night?
Coxy: I dont know, it was another stagefuck...
by lipopa September 23, 2011
gettin a attitude dippin into other peoples bussiness and trying to put yo lil 2cents in it. gettin smart with people.
morgan: ok shut up i dont care
whitney: who are you gettin coxy with?
morgan: what?
quinn: morgan you need to calm your coxy ass down ok u can go cock it up somewhere else
by Quinn Parker February 28, 2008
a tall, slim negro who has a humoungous cock and basically wants to fuck anything with a pulse...

and toasters.
Randomer : Yo dude, you seen that Coxy geezer? Mayn I want his cock.
by Your Mummy February 28, 2008
A person who has a extremely weird voice and is vertically challenged.
Let's go knack Coxy

Coxy say formulae
by Daniel Kirkup February 11, 2005
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