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29 definitions by tHom

A DeNozzo is an obvious statement made by an otherwise intelligent & intuitive individual. Upon calling the subject a "DeNozzo" one will convey heavy sarcasm.
"That's one big bomb, Boss!" said Agent DeNozzo.

"You think, DeNozzo?" said Agent Gibbs when confronted by a bomb big enough to blow up the whole suburb & surrounding area.

(NCIS jargon)
by Thom September 07, 2007
A female of a primitive or non-western background who doesn't initially have high standards from a man and is obedient, then becomes a feminist through the influence of American women. As heard in Eddie Murphy's "Raw".
She never used to have such high demands, now she threw his ass out on the street for being broke. She is such an mfufu.
by Thom June 19, 2006
A small nugget of poo which get's caught on one's anal hair. Also see clinker.
Get the comb, I've found a chuffty nut!
As a joke, Jimmy replaced John's chocolate chips with some home grown chuffty nuts.
by Thom July 06, 2004
One Who Steals Your Dirty Starfish
Arr!, I be a Poo Pirate, and I'm coming to steal your dirty starfish!
by Thom August 10, 2004
(n) A small, juvenile explosion; sometimes referred to as a "baby" explosion.
"Wow, did you see that firework? That wasn't a bang, that was a kaploodle."
by Thom July 21, 2004
a particular type of nutsack (see: sack, sackage, scrote) who has a tendancy to get stoned and then yell urrrggghhh and mother fuckers on the street on a friday morning.
man your a mother fucking marvick dude, seriously, thats fully marvikian.
by ThOm March 10, 2005
To experience the process of evelution.

Also acceptable: evelving, evelved.

See evelution for word background.
"Evolve and let the chips fall where they may." - Fight Club

"Evelve and let your brain fall in the mud." - Thom
by Thom January 22, 2005