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29 definitions by tHom

A mis-pronounciation of fhqwhgads said by Coach Z.
"Fahordlinglads! - Coach Z
by Thom November 11, 2003
a particular type of nutsack (see: sack, sackage, scrote) who has a tendancy to get stoned and then yell urrrggghhh and mother fuckers on the street on a friday morning.
man your a mother fucking marvick dude, seriously, thats fully marvikian.
by ThOm March 10, 2005
when u do a really half arsed job of something
rofl that house is such a nigga0-rig, check the lean......merrr i love the cock
by thom January 27, 2005
A slutty girl or gay person whom loves the cum.
Jenny is such a jizztrap, she swallows without being asked.
by Thom December 18, 2003
its the same thing as 'about to'.
Im founst to leave.
by Thom January 21, 2004
(british) a homosexual.
i fahkin' hate candysticks!
by Thom September 23, 2003
Definition: The advancement of a society towards a low social standard of intelligence.

Background: I saw the word evolution spelled in this way on a colleague's paper in a college class. It should also be noted that the correct spelling was featured on the board in front of her. In college.
The evelution of present-day Americans has caused more poor parking jobs than ever before recorded in history.
by Thom January 21, 2005