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Short for Thomas
What's yo name punk
That's sum holy shit
by Thom January 08, 2004
Not a river in Egypt
When a person denies a proven fact, you just say to him: denile is not a river in Egypt!
by thom February 04, 2004
The opposite of being naughty.
"jimmy, behave!" "I am being have!"
by Thom July 29, 2004
The ultimate guy...so cool and sexy
Holy shit! your such a tHom!
by tHom December 21, 2003
white dude with a fro
dude wots up with yo hair
I got a white fro now i can go mosh with the rokstars
dude u look like a twat
by Thom February 24, 2004
Yet another expression of delight.
w00tsauce! I aced my C++ exam!
by Thom June 26, 2004
A female of a primitive or non-western background who doesn't initially have high standards from a man and is obedient, then becomes a feminist through the influence of American women. As heard in Eddie Murphy's "Raw".
She never used to have such high demands, now she threw his ass out on the street for being broke. She is such an mfufu.
#mphuphu #bush bitch #scrub #j-o-b #bitch
by Thom June 19, 2006
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