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Short for Thomas
What's yo name punk
That's sum holy shit
by Thom January 08, 2004
thom: simply a tit ho on meth
that thom will do anything to get the rock
by matheez August 02, 2006
The ultimate cool and sexy
Holy shit! your such a tHom!
by tHom December 21, 2003
i) name

Often mistakenly regarded as 'Thomas' abbrieviated; it in fact relates to a figure from Greek mythology: Thomethios - second son of Caentopolis, whom was reknowned for being a homosexual in his mind, but not in his body. As a result he led a lonely sad life, but came to prominence when advising Athena during her political reign.
name - n/a

I shall name him Thom :)
by JCD August 30, 2004
a man of godly status, a true Hemingway hero.
Thom saved a girl from a fire, and needless to say he received an act of 57 from the fine lady afterwards.
by RonaldReagan69 April 10, 2013
A preteen that has not been exposed to the glory of deoderant and smells rank and rancid.
Kat- "...what is that smell?"
Ryan- "uhh... I think I forgot to put on deoderant today."
Kat- "Ah! You fucking Thom!"
by Ass Magee May 03, 2007

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