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Spurious claim made by a recalcitrant party that an impasse results from past-actions of another party when that other party is open to new attempts.
-- So she thought he lacked fomo.

-- Yeah, but, really, he was nogo.

-- And now he's all for not pretext-dwelling on past-cases, but she still takes an obstructionist noshow position.
by sukadog April 14, 2011
The need for sufficiently expansive accommodation as to the scope of one's dreams -- that the degree of allowance be livable.
-- So they don't quite understand, that the smallness of the dreams that are socially-acceptable for me to pursue, aren't very livable. I need more!!

-- Ah, you need lebenstraum.
by sukadog May 04, 2011
A member of the Canadian federal public service who is due to be cut, just like the one-cent piece.
Blogger one: 'Did you hear they're cutting the Canadian penny?'

Blogger two: 'Yeah, just like noone will miss them, noone will miss low-level workers in the public service.'

Blogger one: 'Yeah, Lewinsky and Tripp were 'peons,' but people noticed them, so I guess that's the difference between a 'peon' and a 'penny.'

Blogger two: 'They also had a stained-dress, though.'
by sukadog March 31, 2012
Ontario, as referenced in Premier Dalton McGuinty lamenting that he couldn't give a pony to every resident child.
-- Did you hear what they're saying on Parliament Hill to the newly arriving Western caucus?

-- No.

-- Why would you leave a PONY province, to come to a NON-pony province?! It doesn't make any sense!!
by sukadog May 15, 2011
Thinly-veiled and middling-attempt to disguise sexual-history.
-- Granted, Beit Shammai says on a wedding-day you tell the truth, whereas Beit Hillel says you flatter, and we do the latter, but, how to understand Kate Middleton wearing a white-dress at her wedding when she has been living with William for years?!

-- Well, just like in an attempt to hide a small penis, lack of hymen, or embarrassing VD-scars, look at it as a pubic-comb-over.
by sukadog April 24, 2011
Commonly mistaken for the cultural-unity people feel in-griping about tax-woes (like surviving tornadoes) it refers to where taxidermists see it not as that the only things certain in-life are death and taxes, as death and taxidermy (as some are wild mountain-folk who avoid taxes) and so every new roadkill is a new opportunity.
-- Say, lookey here, we don't pay taxes, and I'm about all talked-out cussin' the government and the weather, what to chew the fat over?

-- You read my mind. Look, some roadkill, an opportunity to do some taxidermy.

-- Yeah, it's a real taxitunity.
by sukadog April 18, 2011
Less cone-ventional than cone-love, rod-love is more basic, elemental, and riveting a condition, presenting complete bewitchment.
-- Whenever he beholds her his heart eats itself out, his brain and central nervous system go into a state-of-shock, and all his rods go crazy.

-- I thought it was a mere infatuation.

-- No, I fear he has full-blown rod-love for her.
by sukadog March 24, 2011
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