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Petty minions who believe anything the government tells them, even if where it's true, but just by virtue of the fact that the government tells them it's so.
-- So Birthers believe Obama was born in Kenya, Deathers doubt Bin Laden's dead, and Serfers accept that he was buried in the surf, because the government tells them that.
by sukadog May 04, 2011
A love of like-to-like, where cone-cells are habitually drawn to colorful cones -- all quite cone-ventional.
-- Yeah, he not only couldn't take his eyes off her, but reportedly insisted on leaving the lights on.

-- That's cone-love for you.
by sukadog March 24, 2011
Immobility induced by fear of some trick based on false or inconsistent representations in an offer.
-- So John didn't go; I thought he had more fomo?!

-- No, he has fomo, but, his was a SEPARATE consideration -- as that it was the merest accident that he heard of the party, he couldn't square its generosity with it capriciousness, and so doubted what should be done.

-- Ah, he was nogo then.
by sukadog April 14, 2011
Someone mistaken for having a large carbon cockprint, but who desires union with his muse, and would be ill-thought-of or endure public humiliation to accomplish as much.
-- So, as to be expected, the peanut-gallery dismisses his efforts as creating a large carbon cockprint -- as only motivated by gratification, as unable to see any other dignity or value in his efforts.

-- Yeah, but really, he's a Manchester.

-- Meaning his muse is flat-chested, like a man, but he loves her anyway?

-- No, and, she's not, but, rather, that 'chester' comes from 'castor,' which is Latin for camp, and 'castor' is also connected to 'beaver' which is a euphemism for vagina, so that 'Manchester' is both a man's anal cavity, and signifies that he loves his muse so-much as like that SNL character who assumed a pose of being gay so-as to be her roommate, so-as to be with her.

-- Ah, so he would even be thought to be a 'Manchester,' (or a-hole then), in the hope that he'll get to meet her.
by sukadog April 22, 2011

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