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Where the presumed cause, as substance-abuse, is non-existent, and where the real reason for unusual behaviour is a man's love for his Muse.
-- I heard he hasn't had a drink in over two years?

-- It's true. He's no more under the sheenfluence than that Sheen is Charlie's original name.

-- You mean he's love-sick for his Muse?

-- Yeah, he has estevluenza.
by sukadog April 17, 2011
The need of heavy Twitter-users for more than a 144-character limit.
-- Did you know that Bill Gates at-first overlooked the potential of the internet?

-- I know, and then he said of Twitter, that 144-characters should be all anybody will ever need.

-- Yeah, now all the time I'm twitching for some tweetbensraum.
by sukadog April 13, 2011
Similar to buck-passing.  To avoid responsibility for direct communication and admitting how one really feels in-favour of benign hacking of a lover's social-media to disclose how one feels.
-- He could never figure-out how, if her overtures were genuine, why they were random, like if she WERE really interested, why not contact him directly rather than leave it to chance whether he heard her or not!!

-- Yeah, I understand that his brain went into a feedback loop later, as to how she could be so generous as to make him that offer, but so miserly as to be inflexible.

-- Did they try to connect?

-- Yeah, but it was a comedy-of-eros, only not so funny.  Anyone who knows his history would understand why he was scared and tentative, but she was closed to those icebreaking freeze-ups.

-- So why not communicate directly?

-- Oh he did, eventually, to take responsibility for making things work, but she has challenges doing that.  The closest she has come so far is, it SEEMS, to hack his posts, and edit out whatever she doesn't like, leaving what she thinks by implication.

-- So he suffers daily for his mistakes -- he's crazy about her -- and more than he deserves, but yet she resorts to hack-passing?
by sukadog April 04, 2011
A love of like-to-like, where cone-cells are habitually drawn to colorful cones -- all quite cone-ventional.
-- Yeah, he not only couldn't take his eyes off her, but reportedly insisted on leaving the lights on.

-- That's cone-love for you.
by sukadog March 24, 2011
Short for Manchester United, which means, for a man who has sojourned long, and endured much, even to be thought to be a Manchester, to be finally united with his muse.
-- So, after being mistakenly thought to be all about the carbon cockprint, he endured being a Manchester.

-- Yeah, and now that he'll hook-up with his muse he'll be a Man-U.
by sukadog April 22, 2011
Those who evidence the phenomenon (paralleling cat-callers) of recognition of the acknowledged claim of the SLUTWALK (that attire-alone may signify sexual-intent, but is not an invitation to sexual-touching without linguistic-communication) through a direct-appeal in such a fashion by interested males who desire sexual-touching.
Lewd-Slutwalk-callers: Hey slutwalkers, what will it take to get you to slutf@.....?
by sukadog April 17, 2011
Complete immunity for party denied sexual favours from censure from the party denying sexual favours until conjugation occurs.
-- So he wanted to do it, she didn't, he went out to play cards instead, and she got mad about that.

-- Seems to me that he has dumplomatic-immunity until they hook-up, just like the week before when she was game and he faced challenges.
by sukadog April 04, 2011
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