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4 definitions by stoner911

The act of repeatedly flicking/guiding your hair toward one side of your face.
James the flick is your god isn't it.
by stoner911 September 08, 2009
4 3
The act of constantly playing, stroking and brushing with ones hair away from ones forehead in the presence of other individuals.
Wow did you see that josh kid, he broke his arm yet he still noddyhair's himself
by stoner911 August 26, 2009
2 1
The word given in a situation when a person has a cry or simply complains.
Jess stop changing clothes if you don't like yourself maybe you should call the Wambulance.
by stoner911 October 13, 2009
15 24
The word used to describe situations in which someone is trying to earn brownie points or simply to look cute and give a sense of tenderness.
Come over for a talk heiny
Wow jess is obsessed with heiny
by stoner911 September 23, 2009
5 20