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A fictional abulance or rescue squad for someone who cries or whines, most often without provication. A way to insult someone whom often cries for no apparent reason; a cry baby, a brat, or someone suffering from hypochondria.
" Waaa, waaa, I want a cookie waaaa, waaaa, waaaa!"
"Did someone call the wambulance, WAAA! WAAA! WAAA!"
by c. Wallace May 21, 2004
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The official motorvehicle to be called in response to bitch-like behavior.
Brian: "I missed the Friends rerun."
Response: "Will, call a fuckin' wambulance."
by Boris Spassky April 20, 2005
A joke used insultingly toward a person who is whining about something stupid like a tummy ache.
Whiner: Ow! Damn it to Hell, this paper cut hurts!

Other guy: Boo Hoo, let me dial WHINE-1-1 and call you a wambulance.
by Slayn December 30, 2007
Wambulance is a fictional ambulance for someone who cries or whines.
Someone call 9-Wa-Wa!! We need a WAMBULANCE!
by droopie December 30, 2008
When somebody gets upset, you call the Wambulance.
Person 1: "I just stubbed my toe!"
by ExtraGoodChi December 09, 2002
An health care automobile for cry-babies. To rescue and take care of those people that complains about any tiny wounds.
Stop cryin' already! Don't make me call the wambulance!
by diana April 06, 2003
The word given in a situation when a person has a cry or simply complains.
Jess stop changing clothes if you don't like yourself maybe you should call the Wambulance.
by stoner911 October 13, 2009
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