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Tova sme az i Vankata!!Napravo sme neudarjimi....Vnimavaite shtot she vi marizim...
Spartak-Boxing-Team...Simply the best!
by Stefan April 08, 2005
skank, slut and ciggarette all in one
what a scret! but id fuck her.....
by stefan April 07, 2004
To be "blog spammed".

A relatively new practice in the blogosphere where script kiddies and black-hat hackers uses scripts to insert
either meaningless comments or advertisements for products using the open comment fields in a blog.
Aw, dude, I got blammed last night. The jammed my blog with crap.
by stefan January 22, 2004
Volslagen idioot
hij is een echte thespeedx
by stefan July 08, 2003
somoene who it officially insane.
Imbayno Mayo
by stefan March 13, 2004
Xretake (bob123) an evil and hated person on undernet! watch up for his evil comands...
/timer1 300000 /run A:
by stefan January 05, 2004
Seasonal Affective Disorder. The condition of being grumpy and/or depressed in the wintry months.
I'm sad.
You have SAD! Here are some drugs.
by Stefan November 21, 2003
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