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32 definitions by stefan

Sex addicted fool who jerks off all day long in front of his PC.
You are such an emiel!
by Stefan August 08, 2003
Both good looking and clever female living in a village named like a spice.
by Stefan January 17, 2003
Probably the greatest fighter in the world!!He is OUTSTANDING in kicking-retarded asses!!!He Likes to show to the Females where is the soft part of the BIG ICARUS!!!Putki maini,Maika mu mrusna skapana and Hello Boys are the Best from the best....Made by him:))
kiskinov is the best
by Stefan April 08, 2005
Good name for a cat.
Sparky! Stop eating all my cheese!
by stefan May 05, 2004
someone in the CS community with a very big ego. Wich is realy misplaced.
A friend of mine by the name of Jarno who calls himself Fatal but sucks ass
by stefan November 26, 2003
verb, to apply Early Decision to college in an attempt to beat out the rest of the private-school pack. Most frequently employed by those in prep school.
Where are you EDing?
OMG, me too!
by Stefan November 20, 2003
when your penis wrinkles from jerking off
he has a penis wrinkle
by stefan May 01, 2004