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12 definitions by stampy

It's a high five that doesn't involve actually contact, normally over a long distance where a real high-five isn't possible.

Mix of "wireless" and "high-five", hence "wi-five", (wireless high-five)
Iain (yelling across the room): Dude, that mess was teh pwnz. Wi-five, brosef
Eric (in response): You need to chill with that nano shit, son
by Stampy October 27, 2004
1920 790
An exclamation used in response to an absurdly nerdy comment or action.

Taken from the latin "nanostus" to the middle-english "nanost".
Iain: "HEY Eric, i'm gonna wardrive to the LAN, it's gonna be stuponfucious"

Eric: NANO nano, beep beep, dual-monitors!
by Stampy October 16, 2004
343 218
An exclamation made whilst pickpocketting an unsuspecting victim.

Combination of the exclamation yoink, and the quality brandname Yorkshire Farms
Iain (realizing he has been stolen from): HEY, E-rock just ganked my collectable Chewbacca action figure with working bowcaster, glaben.

Eric (running away): Yoinkshire Farms!
by Stampy October 28, 2004
84 4
A perverse sexual act wherein the man inserts his fingers (or hand if possible) into the womans vagina, and proceeds to move it around in a way to make flatulent noises similar to those created when cuffing one's armpit.
Man, Kevin played the flugelhorn on that slut so loud last night that I could hear it from the room next door.
by Stampy May 21, 2004
130 80
v, 1. To assimilate some very enjoyable sensory data.

n, 2. The experience of borgasming.

A combination of the word orgasm, and the Star Trek species "The Borg".
Iain: Hey Eric, did you see tonights episode of Enterprise? It was stuponfucious. T'pol is so hot, you'd better believe I'd play HER flugelhorn.

Eric: NANO nano... beep beep... keyboard... dual monitors... beep
by Stampy April 15, 2005
72 26
The act of putting bbq sauce (or really any other condiment) on a woman's beef curtains in order to make the experience of giving face more pleasureable for the giver.
Man, bsmith ate like half a rack of bbq beef curtains last night.
by Stampy June 21, 2004
81 36
The vagina

Slang similar to trim
Oh snap, son, I'd eat her lasagna platter
by Stampy May 19, 2004
55 10