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n. A party hosted by two different groups (namely Fraternities) in one venue. A party with three hosts would be a TRIad, etc.
Probe: "Did you hear about Tekes' biad with Betas last night?
Eric: "Yeah, I heard it was the biggest Sausage Fest since the time Pirate House held a kegger."
by Stampy January 10, 2006
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An an acronym for saying B_____ (a friend's name that starts as a B) Is A Dick. Mostly used only towards guys.
-After a friend is trying to talk to her best friend, but gets rudely interupted by Brian-
Rachel: "What up with Brian?"
Catherine: "Sorry, B.I.A.D."
Rachel: -snickers-
by PixieDustAngel August 23, 2008
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