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An object that is both beautiful and useful, generally objects of industrial design which are meant to have utility while having a pleasing aesthetic.
The beautility of architecture is seen in Frank Lloyd Wright's "Waterfall Home", but there is also beautility in small things like intricately patterned silverware.
by skyywise September 23, 2008
The practice of malicious and deceptive arts within an institution or company for the purposes of spite, cronyism, or sabotage.
The difference between necromancy and bureaucramancy is that whereas the dead used to have souls, bureaucrats never did.
by skyywise October 27, 2005
adj. an extremely hot female. syn. fine, hot, smokin, fly
Those girls coming out of the club were gun-righteous like Haley Barry in Catwoman.
by skyywise July 22, 2004
to procrastinate by blogging
I have no desire to study right now; I can totally blogcrastinate and submit this concept to UD instead of working.
by skyywise November 19, 2006
Adj. A conjunction of the words soft and smell. Used to describe the majority of attractive women, reflecting the general comfort one feels when holding her in your arms.
Jimi: All I know about women is two things: they're soft and they smell nice.
Jason: So they're sort of... smoft?
Jimi: Yeah, smoft.
by skyywise May 26, 2004
acronym: Good Sounding Bad Idea. An idea that sounds exciting or plausable, but upon further thought or execution is revealed to be astoundingly dumb and/or dangerous.
1 - Brian suggested all 20 of us go to the party, when only he was actually invited.
2 - Cat decided to ride her bike to school as exercise, disregarding the fact it was 10+ miles away and she needed to be there in 30 minutes.
by skyywise May 26, 2004

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