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An apt way to describe ones chap, when, but only when, on removal from ones pants the lucky lady gasps with delight!
The young lady thought his chap looked like a babies arm gripping an apple.
by Simon October 11, 2004
Glaswegian slang: To experience a moment of near-unconsciousness whilst drunk, similar to a near-death experience but without religious significance.
Ah wuz goin tae get mae hole but ah took a whitie and ended up boakin doon 'er skirt, man.
by simon January 21, 2004
when a guy is alone he might want some love - no girls around he'll have to strangle Kojak.
see masturbate
"hey honey im going out for a while"
"alright time to get out my playboy and Strangle Kojak"
by simon June 17, 2006
noun. a regular assassin who is specifically focused on the ass or anal vicinity. Perhaps his targets all have abnormally large asses, perhaps he uses with a weapon in that area. Finally, there could be a hint of anal sex involved.
He's so fat no normal assassin will do, only an assassassin can reach the gooey center.
by Simon November 16, 2004
Taking a massive shit. Used frequently by Andy Sipowicz on NYPD Blue.
I chowed down at Taco Bell eating a dozen Chaloopas; I gotta go lay a loaf on the bowl.
by Simon October 14, 2004
1. Hot female, mainly in age to have sex,who likes to wear and show lace underwear.

2. The most comon girls in the adut japanese comics.
1. A lacegirl is the right kind of bitch to suck your cock early in the mornig.

2. Minako's underwear is so sweet, I think she's the best japanese lacegirl.
by simon August 24, 2004
n. A cum bucket
adj. A complete wanker
1. He bent me over, lowered his pants and used me for a toss pocket for over an hour. (Tony Blair commenting upon his last meeting with George Bush)

2. Tony Blair
by Simon March 18, 2004

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