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<adjective> Describes a party or Rave with abundant drug usage, dancing, and hooking up, especially a series of such underground gatherings which move from place to place.
"Stay away from that one. He's a circuit boy and is nothing but trouble."
by Kyle December 06, 2003
(n.) the circuit: the series of bars/clubs that people go to week after week. it's always the same people, doing the same thing, at a handful of common places

(v.) to circuit: to go out to the places on the circuit

(adj.) circuit: can be used to describe people and things on the circuit (see example)
1. See y'all out on the circuit.
2. Let's circuit tonight.
3. That circuit chick keeps catching my eye... must be the shiny top and all the fake bling on her jean pockets.
4. He's on the circuit but not of the circuit.
by drew90222 November 15, 2010
Background: Lebanese Ghetto

Definition: A calculator (more commonly used for Graphing calculators)
Man i got this new casio circuit that can do matrices for me.
by tribalray March 12, 2005
This is in reference to something or someone that sucks so bad that it is actually worse then busch league. these are the Thursday afternoon car races that nobody watches. This is the short white trash kid with the wife-beater on that can't grow a beard.
This sucks so bad it's fuckin circuit.
by Sajarelli January 05, 2008
A bunch of neighborhoods that all connect to make one big smoke road.
Lets go smoke a j and take a ride on the circut.
by Butter 'n Butter January 27, 2004
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