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A pubic wig is a Merkin as opposed to the other defintion which appears to be a spelling mistake.

Merkins are worn on stage for nude scenes and have a very long history, being mentioned in the OED in the 17th Century
by Simon April 04, 2003
A shit house on an airplane. Lavatory on an airliner.
You get to suck the shit out of the honey bucket from flight 69.
by Simon October 14, 2004
A stubborn turd that remains floating in the bowl after the flush.
Has the same bouyancy as a piece of cork or polystyrene.
Usually found at work or in public toilets
ahh gawd! Who's left a Stray Dave in trap 1?
by Simon December 05, 2003
A cute term for shit, manure, poo. I first heard the character Randy (the fat borderline retarded) brother on "My Name Is Earl" use this to refer to cow shit.
Earl, he made his hut out of cow ploppies. No woner why it has that smell!
When I cleaned my kitten's litter pan, she left a lot of ploppies because I fed her too much people food.
by Simon May 16, 2008
a person in the middle of a threesome
George was getting fucked in the ass by Bob while fucking Steve in his ass. George was a happy simon.
by Simon March 06, 2004
A white oversized dragon dog from the never ending story series. Loves to eat fagmaster
"Falcor, i love"

"one day i'll be Falcor"
by Simon December 15, 2004
Japanese for very, used by otaku's tp express the veryness of something said!
Poff: OMG!
Simon: Totemo!
by Simon April 03, 2005

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