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Acronym for World History AP
Are you taking WHAP this semester? I hear it's tough.
by Mr_Awesome March 07, 2008
The act of smacking someone over the head, using the back of the hand in a fast motion.
Humza: Yeah was' happnin' home-dawg?
Trevor: *Whap*
Humza: Aaaaawwwww, why you gone done a whap bruv?!
by Zogbox November 21, 2009
Slang term for fellatio. Orignated in the Bronx, New York.
"Yo son, she gave you whaps?"
"Yo doggiez, you got whaps?"
by Baumeister October 26, 2004
The acronym "WHAP" usually is slang for World History AP; a class that may be taken at either High School or University levels
Man, that WHAP unit exam today was so hard that i didn't finish!

The teacher for WHAP is so cool that he's the only reason that people take AP.
by Multimelaz April 18, 2011
A sharp, yet soft blow to the back of the head. Mostly issued when someone shows a lack of common sense.
John ~ "You know, I've never even seen Spaceballs."


Jim ~ "Why the hell not?"
by Ioke July 02, 2006
A multi-use term for getting some, and/or giving it to someone, with "it" being sex of any sort.

Generally used positively as a verb, and occasionally as a noun.

(v.): "Jon and Christina pulled over into the bushes to whaps."

(v.): "Yo, I'm glad I studied, cuz I whapsed that exam."

(n.): "Did you get whaps from that girl you brought home last night?"

(n.): "Chill out and don't call her for a week -- she's got you caught up in the whaps."
by John Hollick May 03, 2008
In figurative or literal language, the thunderous cacophony of noise produced by the violent collision of the female pelvic region with the face of a grotesquely effeminate man.
"Diana and I feel strongly about gender equality for both men and women," said the pussywhipped loser, while sitting down to piss. Diana then came up to him and WHAP! Slapped him right across the face with her pussy. "I'm a little wimp mommy!" said little Pussyman.
by Enjoy! YAselves! March 03, 2007
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