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Slang. Used occasionally in reference to a sixteenth of an ounce of marijuana. The expression is derived from Louis XVI.

See also Henry
Drugdealer: "You want a henry?"
Recreational drug user: "I've only got a tenner, can you do us a louis?"
by SilentBob May 17, 2005
A woman with psycopathic tendencies
She tried to cut my tackle off, once I had legged it to a safe distance I yelled back "HUGH MENTLER!"
by Silentbob October 14, 2003
To be so suprised you fart
Startled by her enormous clatterage? I was so taken back I was fartled, and dropped on right there and then,
by Silentbob October 14, 2003
Always right...no point arguing
Ah shit steve, ur fucking poog
by Silentbob May 12, 2003
school with a buncha retards who didnt get into academic or hi tech
Man that kid can barely read he must go to CP.
by silentbob November 14, 2003
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