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When you fart in your sleep so abrubtly it startles you awake.
I awoke from my slumber to fartle follwed by an unpleasant odor.
by Lauren McCormack January 25, 2006
to startle unwary persons with a fart
my dog was asleep nearby, I did a loud fart, he woke up, sniffed the air and ran away fartled
by uknowidid March 12, 2010
To be so suprised you fart
Startled by her enormous clatterage? I was so taken back I was fartled, and dropped on right there and then,
by Silentbob October 14, 2003
verb; to startle oneself with flatulence, to wake up due to one's own undexpected fart, fart + startle = fartle
While napping, my dog, Fido, fartled himself and wondered where that sound and smell had come from.
by dannyboykc November 18, 2010
When an unexpected fart startles you or wakes you from sleep.
1. "I fartled myself awake on the train."

2. "My baby keeps fartling himself awake. I can't get him to sleep through his gas."
by J Blo August 19, 2010
To startle a fart out of someone.
"Oh man. Worst fartle ever. I was afeared and thenjoy everything smelled terribly."
by 6username9 May 14, 2014
When an individual thinks he is passing a silent fart, but it ends up being loud and he scares himself.
Matt thought his fart at the office was going to be silent, but it was really loud and he fartled himself.
by HappyHeff January 06, 2014
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