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When you fart in your sleep so abrubtly it startles you awake.
I awoke from my slumber to fartle follwed by an unpleasant odor.
by Lauren McCormack January 25, 2006
51 4
to startle unwary persons with a fart
my dog was asleep nearby, I did a loud fart, he woke up, sniffed the air and ran away fartled
by uknowidid March 12, 2010
11 1
To be so suprised you fart
Startled by her enormous clatterage? I was so taken back I was fartled, and dropped on right there and then,
by Silentbob October 14, 2003
8 4
When an unexpected fart startles you or wakes you from sleep.
1. "I fartled myself awake on the train."

2. "My baby keeps fartling himself awake. I can't get him to sleep through his gas."
by J Blo August 19, 2010
2 0
verb; to startle oneself with flatulence, to wake up due to one's own undexpected fart, fart + startle = fartle
While napping, my dog, Fido, fartled himself and wondered where that sound and smell had come from.
by dannyboykc November 18, 2010
2 1
To fart so loudly and unexpectedly that you startle someone
After eating a big burrito for dinner, I fartled myself awake at 2 a.m.
by Dusty Lowquarters March 13, 2010
2 1
To startle a fart out of someone.
"Oh man. Worst fartle ever. I was afeared and thenjoy everything smelled terribly."
by 6username9 May 14, 2014
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