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5 definitions by Silentbob

Slang. Used occasionally in reference to a sixteenth of an ounce of marijuana. The expression is derived from Louis XVI.

See also Henry
Drugdealer: "You want a henry?"
Recreational drug user: "I've only got a tenner, can you do us a louis?"
by SilentBob May 17, 2005
To be so suprised you fart
Startled by her enormous clatterage? I was so taken back I was fartled, and dropped on right there and then,
by Silentbob October 14, 2003
A woman with psycopathic tendencies
She tried to cut my tackle off, once I had legged it to a safe distance I yelled back "HUGH MENTLER!"
by Silentbob October 14, 2003
Always right...no point arguing
Ah shit steve, ur fucking poog
by Silentbob May 12, 2003
school with a buncha retards who didnt get into academic or hi tech
Man that kid can barely read he must go to CP.
by silentbob November 14, 2003