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to be startled by a loud fart
My wife fartled me in bed and woke me up from a deep sleep.
by KRF99 March 17, 2008
To get startled causing an instantaneous fart.
"That chick fartled me." I said.
"How'd she do that?" said someone else.
"She 'grabbed my nuts' hello."
by DLaws April 24, 2008
Being startled so suddenly that one farts.
Man, what reeks?

Sorry, you fartled me.
by lavibot February 17, 2014
Startled by a fart, so much so that you jump or start at the sound (not the smell)
Dude, I fartled my cat and she jumped 2 feet off the couch.

I was totally fartled that she would do that in a nice restaurant.
by mpenni1 November 13, 2011
To be surprised or startled by a fart.
"I was fartled awake when my wife ripped a big ugly in bed."
by Sir Schnitzel November 03, 2012
To be gagged and smothered by a fart.
While Brett was sleeping face up on the locker room bench, Brad sat on his face and fartled him.
by Bartfart July 21, 2009

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