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26 definitions by shiZzle

A godess like women with a porn star body.
"Damn, Petra is one hot bitch"
by Shizzle January 19, 2005
704 163
when somebody dis you and you be fellin stupid.
"You just got treated!!!!"
by Shizzle November 08, 2003
137 57
to do somthing outta pocket mean that u did something hella fucked up or stupid
gerl i saw u wit ma nigga last night BITCH THAT WAS HELLA OUTTA POCKET
by SHIZZLE February 11, 2005
122 54
ThE ghettoest part of OaktOwn where the tru niggaz sTay n nO one fuck arOund..
We fenna g2 east oakland n smoke wit dem bloodz..
by shiZzle February 05, 2005
87 65
A weedy rat faced bogan woman who smokes pot
What a fat bong rat!
by shizzle November 27, 2003
35 21
ambiguous phrase used to confirm and confuse at the same time.
1: tim really needs to cut back on his drinking

2: really though!

1: ...are you agreeing with me, or..what the hell are you trying to say?

2: oh, I mean...yes, I agree with you.
by shizzle June 25, 2004
11 4
(n)Someone who likes to suck pp
man that girl is a james redd
by shizzle April 21, 2004
5 2