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An interjection used when one is unsure that his audience believes what he just said, usually followed by an abbreviated retelling of said disbelieved topic.

An interjection used when one wants to change the mood from humorous or light to one where his audience will trust that what he's about to say is true.

See also seriously
Really though, I'm not a clown. I just like the suit.
by dave June 24, 2004
To question a statement or an action in a sarcastic tone, but not actually want an answer. Used to show that what you just said is pretty weak, and most likely tired.
Dave: OMG, that new High School Musical poster with Zac Efron is totally hot and you should buy one.

Me: Really? Really though?
by killbrad September 04, 2008
ambiguous phrase used to confirm and confuse at the same time.
1: tim really needs to cut back on his drinking

2: really though!

1: ...are you agreeing with me, or..what the hell are you trying to say?

2: oh, I mean...yes, I agree with you.
by shizzle June 25, 2004
the understanding of what was just said.
" hey yo, mexican food be giving me gas dawg. "

" really though! " ( it does.. )
by Berteezy June 21, 2004
comment made after a joke to bring seriousness back into a conversation.
He's hung like a parrot. (chuckle) Really though, he has a small dick.
by Freek A Leek June 21, 2004
used when the person talking either wants the person listening to believe them after the talker has joked around, or when the speaker believes that the listeners are not taking them seriously
your mama is so stupid, she sits on the TV and watches the couch, really though, your mama is stupid
by Kristen June 25, 2004
on a more serious note; in actuality
Really though, you're a nice guy. I was just kidding.
by Chantelle June 23, 2004
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