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9 definitions by sheshkable

A girl with nice breasts but is too young for legal intercourse.
Should we call up young tits?
by sheshkable June 08, 2006
A party trick involving exposing only the nutsack which looks like a piece of gum rolled in hair (assuming one does not shave his nuts).
Hey man, look! I got some hairy gum stuck to my pants!
by sheshkable June 08, 2006
Cocks that are timid or afraid to be seen by anyone other than their owner.
Jim and John really have some shy cocks.
by sheshkable March 16, 2009
To masturbate.
Bob: What are you going to do later tonight?

Jim: I'll probably thrash off.
by sheshkable May 17, 2009
To reach male orgasm.
After half an hour of fucking with a really tight broad a man will have trouble not achieving testicular success.
by sheshkable March 16, 2009
Huge fucking city in Arizona. There are shit loads of illegal immigrants. It's unbearably hot 8 months out of the year.

Instead of building up like LA or NY, Phoenix has been built out. There are cacti everywhere, and it's hella dry.

Phoenix reportedly has a shitload of crime, though I have never seen any of it.

Arizona State University is there. There are parties every night and the girls are insanely hot and stupid.

Don't ever come to Phoenix.
Guy 1: Yo, you ever been to the Phoenix Zoo?

Guy 2: Yeah, that place is hot as fuck.
by sheshkable March 24, 2009
Refers to the penis, but used to add flavor to stories shared with one's friends. Sometimes refers exclusivly the shaft, not including the head.
I slammed her with my dick staff.
There is a sore on my dick staff.
by sheshkable June 05, 2006