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289 definitions by scott

Read The Fucking Thread. For use in messageboards when someone posts before reading up on the conversation in a thread.
B: But wouldn't that be Fascism?
S: Dude, we already cleared that up, RTFT.
by Scott March 29, 2005
Actually... a fisheye is when you're doing a girl doggy style, you pull out and faux-cum on her back by spitting on it. When she turns around, relieved that she did not get a facial, you give her the ol' money shot in the face, particularly in an eye.
My girl has really wisened up. SHe knows about my fisheye shenanigans and no matter how many times I spit on her back, she's learned not to turn around for a facial glazing.
by Scott January 06, 2005
Adjective. Basically short for nasty, but used when repulsed beyond the state of nasty.
That is nast!
by Scott April 03, 2003
Killed by someone of a higher power, therefore investigations conclude it was suicide.
The authorities say he committed suicide days before he was to testify against George W Bush. I'm sure it was George's associates that suicided him.
by Scott March 10, 2005
bomb bud, chronic, cali o
damn that bud l dog got was rope
by Scott March 29, 2003
An absolute champion of the world and the epitome of ass kickery!
"Wow, Kleaver is so elite!"
by Scott November 21, 2004
A fast car, mostly home-built from the 20's to the 40's
A 1932 Ford highboy roadster is the quintesential hot rod
by Scott December 11, 2004