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Explosive device used by the residents of Alabama to remove their own hands.
After I finish my Pabst, I stepped out of the trailer and watched my brother/father blow his hand off with an m-80
by sarcomax July 30, 2003
It looks like a urinal except its for sperm
While you go to the urine to take a urine Im going to the sperminal to take a sperm
by sarcomax March 20, 2003
having to make only left turns like those redneck pussies driving around in counter clockwise circles wishing that they had enough grey matter to learn how to turn right. The least challenging form of motorsport, and the most popular in america proving once again that our nation is fucked up!!! Thanks George W!!!! Even motorcycle racing takes place in the rain. For those rednecks out there a motorcycle has two wheels and no roof and is capable of the same speeds of a nascar. (they can turn right also.)
There is a parade in my neighborhood so to get home I had to go nascar.
by sarcomax January 21, 2003
a chick so ugly just thinking about her will turn your hard cock into a softy.
That Joan Rivers is a Miss Softie
by sarcomax January 21, 2003
Taking a dump in anything besides the toilet in a bathroom.
Cotton Hills mom/sister had a sidewinder left for her square on the forehead by her own son...
by sarcomax July 30, 2003
A buick made from 70 to 72...a real high point in car design...that is only fast when compared to mustangs.
by sarcomax July 30, 2003
a house that has been super sized
I used to lice in a shack but ever since I added those thirteen extra rooms, I live in a mcmansion.
by sarcomax January 20, 2003
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