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keeps college kids warm in the winter and hung over in the summer. see also urine.
by ucla guy July 02, 2003
Sure, it's a cheap beer and probably not the best-tasting, but it goes down smooth, gets me drunk, and still leaves me with enough money for food. I actually find the taste crisp and better than other cheap beers.
"I can't believe you're drinking that piss-water called Pabst. You should drink Guinness like real men."

Me - "I probably would if your six-pack of Guinness didn't cost as much as a case of Pabst."
by DownToEarthDude November 23, 2009
The current designation for any group of hipsters found in the wild.
"Look there.. it's a pabst of hipsters. Look at those ironic shirts..."
by endlessmonkeys March 10, 2010
Verb. Similar to the word "pass" but when referring to a can or bottle of Pabst Blue Ribbon.
"Hey, you wanna Pabst me a beer"
by alextripp October 21, 2008
In german language "Pabst" means Pope... so not just a cheap beer, also the Chief of katholic Church.
Mr. Ratzinger also named Benedict the 2nd is the new Pabst.
by Venosta November 05, 2005
Shity, but cheap keg beer.
Let's pick up a keg of Pabst for the party.
by Foilage March 30, 2005
cheap beer that gets you drunk, usually drank by the grunge crowd
Pabst just one Buck each
by dannyboy6669 May 22, 2005
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