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A large and pretentious house, typically
of shoddy construction, typical of "upscale" suburban developments in the late
20th and early 21st centuries. Such houses
are characterized by steep roofs of complex design, theatrical entrances, lack of stylistic integrity and backsides which are
notably less fussy than their fronts. They are often placed closely together to maximize the developer's profits and appeal to people who value perceived social status over actual, physical, economic or historic value.
Although Nancy is just a school teacher,
she mortgaged herself up to her neck to
buy a new McMansion on Woodbridge Road Court in Clayton Hills Valley Estates at North Pine River Hollow Meadows.
by Cireel Wittsberg November 15, 2004
Those nausiating large suburban homes that are built from cookie-cutters that seem to pop up everywhere like McDonald's restraunts.
Chris lives over in those new McMansions.
by natalia October 29, 2001
a big, processed house in a suburb or gated community near you; that has approx 3.7 people living in 12 or more rooms, with 3 car garage attached to it. It's exactly like the house about a piss stream's length away from it, because their usually on placed on smallest space or lot.
it probably took them longer to tow that mcmansion to bashful beaver lane than they took to actually build it.
by jr June 09, 2004
those big generic, nauseating houses that you now see in suburbs. They're usually built by "home builders" and are put close together to increase profit for greedy land developers. They're very cheaply built and it probably took more time to ship in the equipment than it did to actually build the damn thing. On the outside they look like they are just patches of different incompatible architecture styles, and they usually look the same. THe yards are full of generic plants and bushes that the builders probably got from Wal-Mart. The walls are usually made of sheetrock and the backs of the "house" are less showy than their fronts.
Mcmansions have no real physical or historical value since they can barely last for one generation and they all look the same and are a piss stream's length away from the mcmansion next door.
Mcmansions tend to be bought by yuppies and soccer moms who just want to look like they're rich and don't care about actual physical or historical value.
Plus mcmansions contribute to urban sprawl which is bad for the environment since most of the new suburbs where these mcmansions exist were once rich farmland or irreplaceable woodland.
If you want a good example of a mcmansion, then if you're ever in Little Rock, go to Chenal Valley, It's nothing but mcmansions and soccer moms for miles.
by Nathan575 July 10, 2008
The term "McMansion" describes any spread out, land eating, mass produced house (AKA single family "home"), most likely made of brick and having a multi-layered roofline/frontage that faces the far away street. It is of the sort most common for the last two decades in the U.S.

They could be (and most often are it seems) only one to one and one half stories, but very rarely exceed 2 to 2 1/2 stories. They range in price from middle income to upper upper income (anything that's over 500K (in most of the interior southeast/midwest) should be designed by an architect anyway.

We can blame our upwardly mobile, disposable national culture, the housing bubble, and to some degree HGTV for perpetuting this phenomenon.

Other space eaters that contribute to suburban/metropolitan sprawl include the ranch house/rambler, the patio home
, and the "florida house."

With any luck, the oil crash will make livestock pens out of these architectural mistakes.
The only type of house those greedy developers seem to build in this metropolitan area is the mcmansion.

The mcmansion seems to go hand in hand with the big box retailers

What was canopied country roads, split rail fences, primeval groves of trees, storied woods, charming old houses, and truck farms when I was a kid have been replaced by edge cities and all that come with them. Eg, multi-lane highways, plop-down architecture (anything that is very dulled down and closely related to the large motor vehicles that use them), and mcmansions
by Miskatonic Jack July 01, 2006
A large, grandiose and completely obnoxious home that looks so generic it had to come out of a greasy, styrofoam box
Encino Hills used to have character, but now it is just one Mc Mansion after another.
by Lauri127 December 01, 2005
A "starter castle" that has the potential to be very nice if built on acres of land with a long, winding driveway to get to it but looses it all when it's at an arm's length of the neighbors house.
I can't believe they built four McMansions were the old man Farnsworth's house used to be.
by Virginia December 31, 2003
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