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A person who does not fight back, and who is thought of as being weak. Often used in schools. Also a person who gives in easily when asked for money by his children.
"He couldn´t fight his way out of a wet paper bag; he´s just a big softy."
by andreasegde August 01, 2006
a limp or flacid penis, unable to get erect
HAhaha , he boned her with a softy
by rowinrala March 18, 2003
The stage between a full on erection and a soft unaroused penis, this is called a softy
Bruce: "Yo i saw two guys makin out yesterday".

Joe: " Oh thats pretty nasty"

Bruce: "Yeah but for some reason it gave me a softy"
by Joe Merks January 26, 2008
Abbreviation for a soft drink. Generally used in the context of a mid-afternoon snack.
"Let's duck down to the NightOwl for a softy and a choccy."
by Radaradara September 23, 2013
noun- any item of comfortable clothing made from a fabric soft to the touch; flannel, fur, silk, chenille, et al; worn around the house or to bed.
What a day, I'm tired. I'm getting my softies on.
by hugh jafro February 17, 2010
a person that is unusually soft. Usually male with female characteristics.
Phil, you are softer then butter in a microwave.
You are a softy, like snorlax
by who not me April 26, 2010
A game played by two men, in which each principle removes his pants and, standing face to face with his opponent, swings his limp penis against the other's. The first person to become erect loses and is then subjected to an assault and homophobic slurs.
Keith and James played a game of Softies. Now Keith has a black eye, and evidently he's a fag.
by CamShaft January 19, 2014
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