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40 definitions by russ

A sloth like monkey creature that's part ogre.
Look at the mustard stain on the gabzon's shirt.
by Russ April 28, 2004
see fezzlenut
OMG! you fezzeled my eggs!
by russ May 18, 2004
Someone who engages in homosexual male sex. Gaylord. Bum bandit.
That Dermot O'Leary is a right cross-country milk float driver.
by Russ February 18, 2005
Phi Kappa Psi's chapter at Florida State University.
I would do absolutely anything (including another woman) to date a gentleman of Phi Psi's Florida Alpha chapter!
by Russ January 18, 2004
to "hang out" with a group of friends
"lets go mooch"
by Russ September 14, 2003
burnt nut; homie, bro, home boy
Lets go to ma house and eat some fezzlenuts cause im so fungry!

Yo fezzlenut lets go chill
by russ May 18, 2004
The coolest fucking person on the face of the Internet. He rocks faces.
You got pwned by the IceCreamMan!
by Russ August 17, 2004