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( a little kid who's parents are over protective, an older person tryin to fit in, a middle aged teen who's scared of a skateboard, a grab lovin poor folk who like's k19's, or a fruity fuckin faggot who goes to skatparks to eather see skater's asses, turn them gay, or feel up there asses when they bumb into us!
(smack) sorry "wow he's got a nice ass"
by Russ December 31, 2003
The art of extracting ones semen from the anus of another after depositing it in there.
Fuck me up the arse and furgle me dude
by russ May 21, 2003
"we're just smarter than you cardinals..."
^ this is what were talking about when we say you are stuck up
by russ May 10, 2005
On a roller coaster, when your head bangs into the OTSR's
Ow! Ninja at Six Flags Over Georgia has alot of headbanging!
by Russ December 12, 2004
Occuring twice a week.
Kevin thought bi-weekly meant occuring every 2 weeks cause he is a stupid nigger. It means twice a week.
by Russ January 12, 2005

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