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Receipient of bad luck, primarily when least expected, and usually of great weight. A Dack is usually called "gay" even if not a homosexual.
"Dude, I'm sorry you got dacked."
"Man, why are you so Dack, quit acting like that.""
by Russ March 12, 2004
Ghetto Juice. I.E. Banana Red, Red Grape, or the all new "Bling Bling Blue Raspberry".
My nigga, get down to the corner store and get me some 20/20.
by Russ November 19, 2003
I am sooo old.. I am El-Der-LEE!!
by Russ October 27, 2003
An egg is a sweaty minge that belongs to pearl
Russ licked the egg
by Russ January 15, 2004
a slang term for ciggarette
yo, you got another fugg on you?
by russ April 18, 2005
Done in doggy style position. After ejaculation, use your last thrust to break your partner's neck against the bed post.
I didn't have any money, so I bulldozed the prostitute.
by russ March 29, 2004
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