jugga, a person whom is elite/owns/rapes/betrays etc
I jugga
I juggered jackb and shinoda on everything
I got juggered
by TalwinderJ February 21, 2008
Somebody that's stupid, cut or just really baked.

Used in context of making fun of strangers or any one you feel is retarded.

Short for a Jughead, that weak character from arhcie comics. or just a knuckle head.
God, look at this dumb fucking jugga.
by UTcrony420 March 03, 2009
1) A form of expression used to emphasis agreement. This term, however, is and can only be used in specific unique moments. When one feels ridiculously rad and gangster since waking up, and this feeling persists throughout the day, at any point, when another 'gangster feeling' party offers you a 'gangster idea or suggestion', you can simply respond by shouting out clear and concise, the word 'Jugga'! Note: put emphasis on the 'GGA' part, more so than the 'JU' part.

2) Straight up G
satoshi: you wanna blaze
kim: fucking a, juGGA!
satoshi: word

hayato: you toked?
kim: like a muffuckin juGGA!
by master unity mind July 29, 2010
A woman under five foot six in height who weighs more than 250 pounds; an obese woman.
The jugga wanted more bear claws and coca cola, but the corner store was out.
by manos the hands of fate May 18, 2010
One who is of high talent or is unbeatable at a certain sport or event I.e. Juggernaut or a jugghead in football
That fool tried to slice you in that poker game but you got way cutty with those aces jugga.
by mixmasatamikal August 07, 2007
A female with large jugs (breasts)
She used to be flat-chested but now she's a jugga
by robin graves February 21, 2004
The cousin of yours that you have the best time with, your "bestest cousin"
"Hey jugga, whats up."
by Sonic the hedgehog November 12, 2006

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