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When your keyboard gets so hot that the keys start to melt, this can result in accidental repetition of letters and unnecessary capitalisation.
Itts Very Hott ttoday, isn'tt itt? My TT key seems to be sticking tto tthe keyboard.
#very #hot #cold #hott #keyboard #cool #dan
by robcraine November 21, 2005
One who rings an endb.
The endbringer was often bribed to ring the endb early.
by robcraine March 15, 2004
Handheld domestic appliance used for sucking up rockets. Similar to a dustbuster.
Dang, who's left all these rockets on the floor? I'll have to get the rocketbuster out to clean them up.
#rocket #dust #buster #hoover #sucker #suck #clean
by robcraine November 23, 2005
Little known swedish word meaning 'pink, fluffy sausage'
Nu finns nya rapporter och fsjlanjgvfj
by robcraine March 23, 2004
An error.
He was told to kiss the Pope's ring, but hadn't noticed the one on his finger. That was a real gaff.
by robcraine March 15, 2004
"The cam." As pronounced by people with a vaguely transylvanian accent
1. Do you zee zat device for changink rotory motion to horizontal motion? Zat is zicam.

2. Zi river through Cambridge is zicam.
#pronounce #cam #cambridge #camshaft #the
by robcraine September 29, 2005
Contraction of 'he-elm.' The male elm tree.
ant: she-elm
Look at the nuts on that- its a mighty helm.
by robcraine March 15, 2004
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