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To change the spelling of a word and wiidefine its definition in order to relate it to the Nintendo Wii. Examples include wiilationship, wii-kend and wii-stracted.
I'll wiispell the word retard and call Dave a wii-tard after he wiifenestrated his controler.
#wii #nintendo #respell #redefine #game #console
by robcraine December 14, 2006
But I Could Be Wrong. Used online in forums and chat.
I think that George W Bush is the greatest president in the world ever. BICBW.
#internet #chat #forum #online #wrong #but i could be wrong
by robcraine February 10, 2006
Flat bottomed, small, open boat that is powered by a person pushing along with a long pole. Similar to a Venetian gondola. Used in shallow waters (unless you have a really long pole.)
The waters around Cambridge University are often full of silly punts.
#cambridge #punt #punter #gondola #silly #river
by robcraine November 22, 2005
Used by officious officials at animal shows (eg Crufts) as a request for an animals poncy aristocratic name
official: Fido, whstshowname?
owner: Rumptious Strawberries-Gidlefunk the Third
by robcraine March 15, 2004
Worthy of being celebrated (or otherwise commemorated) on its anniversary.
The day I left high school was memorable, but not anniverseriable.
#anniversary #celebration #commemorate #party #year
by robcraine September 28, 2005
Person set up in opposition to the orthodox leader or president of a group or nation.
The anti-popes were early examples of a rebelprez during various times in the history of the Catholic Church.
#pope #antipope #anti-pope #rebel #president #rebelpres #rebel pres #prez #pres #revolution
by robcraine October 31, 2005
A type of bell, found in early christian churches. Rung to denote the end of the (30 minute) period when the commandments actually apply. Sadly this feature is missing from modern chaples.
Once the Endb had finished tolling it was a sign that everyone could let their hair down and party.
by robcraine March 15, 2004
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