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One who explores the internet. In times of yore the internet was small and self contained, with everyone knowing exactly where they wanted to go. As the internet expanded, internet explorers began to travel from site to site, following directions or 'hyperlinks' from native guides. Early explorations were limited by the shear difficulty of finding anything. Today the task of not being able to find anything is largely performed using asearch engine, and like many traditional crafts the role of Internet Explorer is slowly dieing out.
Internet explorers were not the most efficient way of travelling the internet, but in many cases were the only option available.
by robcraine September 23, 2005
In a large, open plan, cubical filled office, this is where one inmate (or employee) stands up in his/her cubicle and looks arround. This is often followed by other office workers standing up and looking around to see what all the fuss is about, in a style reminiscent of those loveable creatures, prarie dogs.

First coined by Scott Adams in a Dilbert comic strip.
In their natural environment 'employees' can often be seen prarie dogging, in case they are missing something more interesting than work.
by robcraine January 04, 2006
Sometime friend, companion or enemy to person 1. Has been spotted mabateing and saying "i love you" to person 1.
Person 2: Why do I always get second billing to person 1?
by robcraine November 25, 2005
Extremely small yet resourceful rats who live in a rug. These diminutive rodents make their burrows in the dark spaces underneath furniture amongst the hairs of your rug or carpet. They live on crumbs and have a tendency to collect shiny objects such as coins or keys, although they have been known to also steal pens, sweets and important pieces of paper.
Those darned rugrats have collected a huge mound of junk under my sofa again, yet the exterminator refuses to do anything about it.
by robcraine November 21, 2005
Urban dictionary editors who accept any definition that comes along. It is not known why people do this but theories include:
i) they are attempting to get 100% acceptance stats to look 'kool'
ii) they do not like hurting peoples feelings by saying 'no'
iii) they are dumb

plural: yesmen
I hope my latest definitions of emu and matttheidiot get reviewed by a yesman.
by robcraine September 29, 2005
Superhero with mysteriously endowed with the powers of a box, after an unlikely accident on the Gatwick Airport baggage terminal conveyer belts.
Is it a tub?... is it a container?... no, its Boxman!!
by robcraine April 09, 2004
To redefine a word to make it related to the Nintendo Wii. Usually associated with a wiispelling.
Hah! You're so rubish at using a Wii that I'm going to wiidefine the word retard and call you a wii-tard.
by robcraine December 14, 2006
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