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the best online computer shop! they not only offer a huge variety of goods -- including even the crappy apple stuff -- but also an excellent service!

best quality!
best prices!
best shipping & handling!

what else could one ask for from his/her computer shop?
a: man, you need to get yourself a new computer. this one you are using is like a freaking calculator!
b: hey, take it easy man, i am working on it. i ordered my motherboard and cpu from newegg.com the other day.
a: sweet!
by alperthereal February 10, 2004
Slang for "anyway". Coined by Whiteville, NC's #1 sound card expert.
N-e-wegg, I'll see you later.
by jt2006 August 27, 2006
A freshly laid egg.

Ant: bad egg
The best eggs come straight from the chicken, I love a newegg in the morning.
by robcraine November 22, 2005