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(noun). An expression used when something sucks, or when something doesn't happen the way it was originally intended. This phrase was coined by an Ohioan, Rich, in the year 2000, who used this term to describe his job at Sam's Club.
Did you ask that hot girl out that works in shoes? Yea I did but she's engaged. Dude thats such a bag a dicks.
by Rich August 27, 2003
originated from v-unit in the early 1960's. vex means to annoy or be annoyed by something
dont vex me up man- dont annoy me
by Rich November 18, 2004
A measurment of time that is consumed with pain and death.
The dinosaur age was a long epyon.
by rich April 09, 2004
The simultaneous act of separate entities, together, rocking out, having a greater total effect than they would have individually in the most creative way possible.
It was clear the group was overcome by rocksynergy after that last rocking show!

Rocksynergy, yet again has helped us complete this project.
by Rich March 11, 2004
"African Latino". A person with qualities or heritage of both african american and latin backgrounds.
"Mark is an Afrino."
by Rich March 30, 2005
non descript liquid ming that flows down the inside of your fridge if u don't clean it
mares! theres meat juice all over my stuff
by rich December 05, 2004
one who masturbates at least 10 times a week.
we asked craig to go to the City tonight, but he said he'd rather stay home and be a helmet pincher.
by rich April 26, 2004

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