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generally of uk southern origin, a fairy is someone who lives in the London catchment area or within an hours drive, thus gaining a Mockney (mock cockney) accent. Usually can be found ordering a shandy in any bar or pub and being generally offensive to any surrounding patrons in the public area. Renowned for replacing U's in swear words with A's.
"alright you fackin cant, oi'll ave a lager shaaaaandy, gav'nor!"
by rich March 27, 2004
A person or group of people who cause controversy.
The mall was packed with nothing but contros.
by Rich July 18, 2003
to smash, break, wipe out, beat, hurt, etc.

Used mostly by surfers
Surfer 1: I was gettin shacked on that 20-foot monster, and that kook cut me off and made me break my board.

Surfer 2: Dude what'd you do to him?

Surfer 1: I dempskied the kooks board over his motha fuckin' head.
by Rich June 23, 2006
some dank poon tang, pussy
That broski drinks alotta brewski and gets A TON of snatchler
by Rich June 16, 2006
Fishskin disease most probably will haunt your dreams.
by rich January 26, 2005
a dirty drug user and addict
kayleigh and sam are skagheads together
by rich June 20, 2004
when you hit your dick across your boyfriends face.
He was so upset that he sajawa michael to teach him a lesson.
by rich January 29, 2004

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