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The act of wearing something down over time
armies depending on superior numbers to defeat a smaller armys fight wars of attrition
by Rich November 19, 2003
the act of having sex with 6 girls whilst playing your own drum n bass tune at an event of over 6,000 people in full view of everyone....expecially people named tristan.
oi tristan, take back the croc.
by rich March 10, 2005
Working on it as fast as I can; quickly
I'm humpin' it now so get off my back!
by Rich February 14, 2005
A legal slave house which teachers are the biggest assholes in the world some of the students are the biggest fags or dickheads around. AC is turned on in the winter and heat is on in the summer, also school isnt closed even in the worst winter conditions. And to make your life worse they give out homework to get revenge because when they were our age they had no social life at all. See Unatego
Unatego High School is a perfect exapmle of this
by Rich December 15, 2003
A composition of tunes.
I like to listen to some tunes
by Rich January 28, 2003
being stupid for no good reason; as opposed to being retarded, which is a mental condition
Gigli was fucking dumbtarded.
by Rich November 17, 2003
99% of rappers out there!
talk about rims and money in every song. bling bling. wtf does that mean.
by rich December 01, 2003

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